Why Does My Stainless Steel Pan Stick?

Although it may be tempting to heat your stainless steel pan on high and turning the heat down before adding your food. By doing this the heat of your pans not distributing well and answers your question as to – why does my stainless steel pan stick.

why does my stainless steel pan stick

Cooking with Stainless Steel Pans

Cooking with stainless steel pans are the best stainless steel cookware when comparing to non-stick pans, as your cookware is durable, easy to clean, and with the added copper or aluminum core provide delectable flavors when browning meat or preparing sauces.

So, now you may be thinking – how to cook in stainless steel cookware without your food sticking to it.

Cooking with stainless steel tips found from various sources online can help you prevent your food from sticking to your favorite stainless steel pan.

Cooking with Stainless Steel Tips

First, to keep your food from sticking to your stainless steel pan, you need to heat your pan with a medium heat for 2 – 3 minutes. Heating your pan for long and over a lower heat allows even distribution of heat and prevents cold and hot spots.

Once your stainless steel frying pans heated you, can add your fat or oil and swirl it about to cover the base of the pan before adding your food. After swirling your fat or oil, add your food to create an evenly heated cooking surface without your food sticking to the pan.

Become a Master Chef While Cooking, With Stainless Steel Tips

When it comes to cooking with stainless steel, you can also become a master chef while cooking with stainless steel tips. Maybe you have bought yourself a stainless steel sauté pan and wondering if you should have rather not have exchanged it for a diamond ring and if it was such a good idea to buy it.

You become quiet and look at the pan waiting for the pan to become part of your life telling you all its secrets and make you a master chef. However, it is just a pan and in the silence, you hear the sales clerk’s words “these pans are pretty hard to master.” You have tried cooking the perfect chicken fillet only to find that you have burnt your master creation.

Standing there in silence, you look at your shiny new pan thinking how pretty it looks, and you know that it is time to take it for a trial run and has found the best solution to make sure that your pan never sticks again.

There are only two reasons why your food gets stuck and burnt in your stainless steel pan it is either too hot or too cold. Moreover, according the experts you heat the pan for 3 minutes, no more and no less, and yip you are ready to rock and roll.

No, wait; hold that thought! You still need to test it. You also need to take your pan temperature and here is how you do it:

  • Start off with a pep talk, joking – turn on your stove to medium high and make sure that when you are using your stainless steel pan to keep it on medium heat
  • Place your pan on the plate and wait for it to heat, by checking the warmth every 35 seconds with a droplet of water and only ⅛ to be exact
  • If you find that the water does not react with the pans it is still cold and you need to wait for another 45 seconds to try testing it again
  • If the water bubbles and steams the pan is still too cold and step back and do some yoga stretches
  • As the pan warms up the water starts forming round bubbles gliding around in your pan and you are ready to start cooking

Time for Some Stainless Steel Lessons

Your stainless steel pan has pores in it and when heated these pores start opening and closing during the heat process. If your frying pans not heated correctly and you place meat in it, the opening and closing of these pores latch to your food, causing it to burn and stick when you want to flip it.

However, when your pan’s temperature is right these pores do not open or close anymore, making cooking with stainless steel pans a pleasure making your food come out tasty and nice. As soon as your pans the exact temperature there is not time for fooling around and you have to act quickly while it is still hot – keep that oil close by and after wiping it out add it quickly.

Remember, when adding food to your pan it cools the temperature down and adding the oil will decrease the temperature for only a few seconds and with the first sign of smoke your oils ready. Now place your meat or fish into the pan and with the first turn you will find that there is no food stuck to the bottom of your precious stainless steel cookware.

So by following this easy to follow step there will be no more questions from you – why does my stainless steel pan stick?